The Autism NOW Center provides high quality resources and information in core areas across the lifespan to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities, their families, caregivers, and professionals in the field. Focus areas include: Early detection, Early intervention, and Early education; Transition from high school into early adulthood; Community based employment; Advocacy for families and self-advocates; Community Inclusion; Aging Issues; Policy; Implementation of Health Care Reform, including Long Term Care Services and Supports; Family and Sibling Support; and Networking in local, state, and national arenas. We accomplish these goals in a variety of ways.

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The Lurie Center for Autism is an integrated and multidisciplinary clinical, research, training and advocacy program dedicated to treating individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders. The Lurie Center is the primary clinical care and clinical research site implementing the broader goals of the Lurie Center for Autism. The Lurie Center is born out of a philosophy that people with developmental disabilities deserve to be viewed as individuals, each with personal patterns of talents and challenges. We strongly believe each individual deserves the opportunity for access to the quantity and quality of services needed to reach his or her full potential, regardless of economic, social or ethnic background.

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Community Autism Resources is a family created and oriented community services organization. The valuable input they receive from families and professionals sustains their continued focus on assisting and educating families and professionals so that they can better meet the needs of persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). They do this by building collaborative relationships with those involved, in an effort to provide comprehensive and individually tailored supports.

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Kennedy-Donovan Center supports people with developmental delays, disabilities or family challenges to pursue their personal potential and success in the community. They provide a wide range of effective supports to individuals and families through prevention, advocacy and intervention services that are person-centered, innovative, and compassionate. They strive to provide this either by offering services directly to individuals of all ages and their families or by collaborating closely with community partners.

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The Fernandes Center for Children and Family ties of Massachusetts (FCCF)a joint partnership between May Institute and Saint Anne’s Hospital, provides family-centered pediatric specialty healthcare, rehabilitation, and behavioral health services, all in one location. Staff members work closely with referring pediatricians, area schools, and community agencies to coordinate services to help each child and family.
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House of Possibilities offers overnight respite for free, camps for vacation weeks, clubs, cheerleading, social skills groups. Very affordable and they specialize in working with kids and adults with disabilities.

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Doug Flutie Foundation ​The Flutie Foundation helps families by:  

  • Funding organizations that provide opportunities to individuals and families living with autism to get access to services, lead active lifestyles and grow toward adult independence.
  • Providing direct family support both financially and as a resource for local service providers.
  • Advocating for greater acceptance and awareness of autism spectrum disorder

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Exceptional Lives is an independent non-profit organization. We provide free, trustworthy, easy-to-follow information for parents and caregivers of children and young adults with disabilities. Information including a free resource library, database of programs and providers, how-to guides for special education, health insurance, guardianship, and SSI.

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Balanced Learning Center provides behavioral and mental health therapy, as well as speech and occupational therapy. Their groups run for 4-6 weeks and focus on social skill development through play-based activities. They also provide tutoring, adoption services, and IEP coaching.

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Tempus UnlimitedInc. has designed a program that supports children that are nonverbal, have speech delay, or are unable to fully express themselves by offering communication technology support. This wonderful program gives families the opportunity to obtain supportive technology to help the child express themselves at home, in school, and in everyday life. Tempus Unlimited, Inc. works with the consumer’s licensed speech pathologist who will recommend what technology device, supportive apps, and tools the consumer needs to achieve speech goals. By using technology support, the child is able to better communicate, express themselves, and reduce behaviors Eligible consumers for this program are on MassHealth, fit into a low-income financial bracket, have an up to date IEP (if a student), and are under the treatment of a licensed speech pathologist.

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