1. What do you get? You receive SafetyNet Bracelets which include a Transmitter Bracelet, Tester, 6 Month Supply of Batteries and Straps. This is a $499 dollar value!
2. What is this program? This is the Flutie Family Safe and Secure Program which is a partnership between the Flutie Foundation and SafetyNet Tracking Systems. This partnership attempts to assists those on the Autism Spectrum who have the tendency to wander or exhibit bolting behaviors.
3. Who is eligible? Select New England States offer this opportunity to caregivers of individuals on the ASD Spectrum who have a tendency to walk away or wander. These particular families cannot afford to pay for assistive technology.
4. How does it work? The client wears a safety net bracelet around their wrist that emits radio frequency signals. These signals are tracked by local public safety officials via their SafetyNet Search and Rescue Receivers. ​
5. Are these public officials trained? The authorities in each area of coverage are trained on how to find lost people using the SafetyNet Tracking Systems Equipment and also on how to adequately communicate with people on the ASD spectrum.
6. What actually happens when the wandering occurs? You contact the authorities right away. The trained rescue personnel will track the radio frequency signal being emitted from the client’s bracelet. These personnel also are provided with key client information such as physical description, medical condition, or de-escalation techniques which can help in the search and rescue operation. Once your loved one is located, they will be able to be returned home safely.
7. How often does the battery need changing and how reliable is this bracelet? Once every 6 months the battery will need to be changed and can be done by local authorities. The tracking system works in buildings, densely wooded areas, and even shallow waters. The bracelet would even work in areas where cell phone coverage would be limited, such as a parking garage.
8. Why should I do it? Peace of mind. These bracelets increase the chance that your child or loved one will be found quickly and returned home safely. ​
To learn how to apply for a SafetyNet Bracelet through our Safe and Secure program, please email Lisa Collins at